Our Approach

At Botsford Global, transparency and trustworthiness have been our guiding principles; and have been the cornerstone of the credibility established over the years with our clients.

Botsford Global has made the Americas – from Canada to Central and South America – the core of our business and expertise. Through our deep and profound knowledge of the region, we are uniquely positioned to assist our Americas-focused clients from North America to Asia.  

Our value added is our ability to build relationships for our clients, from networks developed over forty years.  Whatever your profile, we can leverage your competitive edge to partner with the necessary capital and expertise for success.  In today's hectic environment, Botsford Global can save you time and money by getting you access when and where you need it.

We are ready to assist governments and corporations in industries as diverse as energy, infrastructure, mining, real estate, consumer goods, technology, agribusiness, services and tourism. We have actively assisted clients in their marketing and investment strategies – helping identify potential partners and targets, and evaluating risk. 

Botsford Global leadership has broad global reach to provide our public/private and non-profit clients with guidance on international issues they may face. 

While we do not lobby on behalf of our clients, we do design unique strategies for clients to address transnational issues.